Student passing out information on the Hong Kong streets for democracy and human rights.


“Return to the people, that is the only option for the mass movement and we are awaiting the results of one day blossom .”

Huang Feng: Someone asked , obviously Zhongyou first electronic referendum six months from the constitutional reform vote Zhongyou subadult time , people thought why should I learn Link chur per week divided into several teams traveled territory pendulum Street Station ?

For me, the mass movement not only rely on online media department , but by the basic region Dem Dills began , the first to reach to the real , in general, the most common , with news Wudi both the public face of the Liaison Office …… the media machine constantly o Department of television loop “National Basic illegal nomination ,” Well you do not compete with the mainstream media can o drainage system , it would be better as less reason to spend time , sweat and effort every week with regional publicity , the idea of ​​planting more practical folk roots , which is no discernible method LOCPG do things, because they are missing , that is, on the concept of passion and persistence.

“National nomination ” not the central entry point to accept / feel excesses , but Hong Kong people have equal right to nominate worthwhile , “Learning China Plan” is selected for the public rather than the central machinery of the Central mobilize any occasion the concept is rooted Street Station , return to the people, the mass movement is the only choice, because , I am waiting to fruition one day .







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