All interested in freedom, equality for Hong Kong, please watch this video. We are all interconnected in someways.

The Hong Kong peoples fight: the Education system for our own children; for freedom of peaceful assembly; liberty; university education for all; workplace dignity; right to protest; one person one vote; the right to march; freedom of speech; freedom from discrimination; protection for voting rights; freedom for safety; equality; just justice. You have a moral…


Reasons for Denying License Application are Beyond HKers’ Imagination

Originally posted on The Real Hong Kong News:
Apple Daily 17th October 2013 Reasons for Denying License Application are Beyond HKers’ Imagination 拒發牌 原因遠超港人想像 Under public pressure, CY Leung’s government finally made a decision on the issuance of free-to-air television license, a matter that has stirred prolonged concerns and debates. Mysteriously, CY Leung’s government only issued licenses…


Student speaking on tv about election by all, one person one vote. 學民思潮黎汶洛:全民提名是為了平等的理念

This is the truth definition of election by all Hong Kong citizen. Related articles Coffin Homes, Subdivided Flats and Partitioned Rooms, a loss of dignity for many in Hong Kong. Less than 50 square feet. ( 香港民怨沸騰的主因 The major cause of discontent in Hong Kong ( Hong Kong students pepper sprayed and water hosed, as…