Multiple Functional Constituency Lawmakers are Connected to Existing TV Operators

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Apple Daily 30th October 2013 Multiple Functional Constituency Lawmakers are Connected to Existing TV Operators 功能組別多人與電視台有利益關係 表決特權法 八議員應避席 Hong Kong SAR Government rejected HKTV’s license application and issued two licenses to Cable TV and NowTV. The beneficiaries are not only the two paid TV companies (Cable and Now), but…


A mass demonstration in Hong Kong to open tv airwaves.

The large demonstrations surrounding the Hong Kong Central Government Headquarters this entire week is for the following reasons.  HKTV a local television production company applied to the government for a free to air license along with 2 other companies.  They invested about 900 million HKD about $120M USD.  They had a staff of 320.  Most of the staff have…


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cage home

Living homeless and in a cage home. Is this right? Video.

Hong Kong is a wealthy place and currently has a HK$64.9 billion (USD$8.4 billion) budget surplus. Yet the city lacks a proper social safety net due to ineffective or a lack of government policies and remains home to the widest rich-poor gap in the developed world from business collusion with the government – and it…


Two goals for this website: Inform the Hong Kong public and the international community/business on issues reflecting dignity and human rights for Hong Kong.

Passed the 4,900 mark of visitors in less than two months.  I believe that the goals of the website have succeeded. Looking at the visitors to the website and country distribution (top 12 listed here) it appears to have fulfilled a human rights need.  Thank you to those who read the information.  The point is…