A mass demonstration in Hong Kong to open tv airwaves.


The large demonstrations surrounding the Hong Kong Central Government Headquarters this entire week is for the following reasons.  HKTV a local television production company applied to the government for a free to air license along with 2 other companies.  They invested about 900 million HKD about $120M USD.  They had a staff of 320.  Most of the staff have demonstrated in front of the building for since the is past Sunday (6 days).  No power to give a license to HKVA and this is only granted by the leader of Hong Kong (CY Leung) and has refused to give a reason why the application was rejected.  The entire HKTA work force has lost their job.  Many think that political consideration from China are behind the refusal.

Open air wave station, both tv and radio has been controlled by the leader of Hong Kong going back to the British colonization of Hong Kong.  Only two English and two Chinese tv stations and just a few radio stations all tightly monitored by the local government.  It is public knowledge that the media has increasing become more self censored towards pro Beijing (communist) China since the handover to China from Britain in 1997. The demonstration this week is attracting on the first weekend day of an estimated 40,000 to 80,000 people meeting outside the building.  The numbers have dwindled to about 3,000 to 4,0000 by Thursday.  This is still remains a significant number for Hong Kong and presents an image problem for the government or both the local public and to the international media.

HKTV and the supporting public are demanding an explanation from CY Leung or the government (which is almost one and the same) as to the reason for a rejection.  The public is stating that they want more media programming to the public.  They want more jobs created for the public.  They want a totally open public application process with reasons given for any rejections.  They want former employees of HKTV to have their jobs back by an acceptance of HKTV to air.

The government of Hong Kong has done another “smoke and mirrors” to the public.  They have given the two new stations accepted not open air wave but a cable presence that must have a box purchased by the viewer to receive the channel.  This has created yet another barrier to the public to media freedom as the struggle to live difficulties as the economy plummets in Hong Kong.

Next:  The demonstration brief from day one.  A first hand observation.


2 thoughts on “A mass demonstration in Hong Kong to open tv airwaves.

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