How to get students thoughts?

House News 主場新聞 See full text below in Chinese and English or: and JET magazine “Huang Zhifeng said” milk of some architects asked MOM what course on oratory, and said their son like Huang Feng. If you boys really don’t like me ten days ‘ home, you’re not crazy ass! Breeding of yellow front how can helicopter parents? “Five years younger, has PC unlimited appointments, father to see him involved with computers, not hitting, instead encouraged him to learn to write games. People carefully detailed, the head teacher head key on the PAC man game. On Facebook, indirectly for future social work prepared. “Do not understand social networks, how can get peoples thoughts?

“Think like Huang Feng’s son, put on child bondage, then led him to develop their potential. “Is the way I choose. “When you say confident. “——————–Home News (translated by Bing)

Full text in Chinese:




今日,黃之鋒成為我們史上年紀最輕的JET People。訪問當天,他早上放學回家換過校服,中午開始連走四場,訪問、分享、上電台。「同學們今天約了去長洲玩,我都想,但要來做訪問。」社會應該還你失去的童真?「我站出來就是要告訴大家,中學生的生活也可以有公共參與,與主流社會賦予『童真』的定義不同。」








Full text in English translated by Google translate:

Two years ago, only five feet tall remaining Huang Feng Xuemin established with several students thought, how can we imagine that today are able to come here.

Last year, the Government’s intention to promote national education filled with red, May 13 Xuemin Education Thought to protest the number of participants for the three hundred people, in power terms is the book itch scratch vain figures, even the breakdown of work is also reported omitted. Fifteen-year-old Huang Feng convener day face the media lens and a dozen or microphone, calm and said: “Well satisfied with the number of participants.” Then Moral and National Education oppose the rationale explain.

That night, access clip on Facebook crazy pass, adults surprised this kid clear thinking, panic and eloquent, while ashamed own this brainwashing conspiracy nothing. Before long, the government headquarters was full crowd, people thought the appeal of learning from 300 to become one hundred and twenty thousand, enough filled twelve field Coliseum concert. Then there are a lot of wives would say, want to own a son like Huang Feng!

Today, Huang Feng, the youngest in the history of our JET People. Visit that day, he came home from school the morning changed uniforms, even walking four games starting at noon, accessing, sharing, and on the radio. “Students today, about to go to Cheung Chau to play, I want to, but to do to access.” Society should also lose your innocence? “I stand out is to tell you that high school students to participate in public life can have with mainstream society gives” innocence “is defined different.”

To this moment, he still regrets, always ready to ten days and ten nights did not come home at any time with the students who Fen Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong always loved the sound of those animals limbs onslaught! Ask many times, you really want to have such a son!

As regards the future of the front I have been also a matter of public concern, such as at school, his classmates often ask his future Chief Executive election do? “The students asked me, I usually answer:” It’s not my decision is that the people decide, right? ‘”Most students will be speechless. So, politicians do? April Fool’s Day he said with a smile to the Legislative Council election, many people take it seriously.

“Is very broad definition of politics as long as it is already involved in public affairs, politics, politics occupied square are counted and if I want to develop in this area, there are many choices. Media, reviews, academic, election, maybe one day want EDB Bomb, a political assistant to find me! Of course it is best not to enter establishment. “sophisticated Huang Feng explained, do not want to say something in future death. “There is a night at the Civic Plaza, we are talking about youth, imagine my adult would be best if we forget the fundamentals, but the social reality or in the future will make me change the values, and then engage in social movements, inability, but I hope to grow up, look back to their own believe me when still a teenager doing is valuable, not the slightest regret. “of the front of the precocious, more than just speculative capacity, but also of human nature seen through, not easily promise.

Huang Feng clarify the visit more than once, parents are not front-line social movement activists, the home is not about politics all the time. Or even the son of his mother in a new preface written explanation: his son is the only recognized political figure. “Parents are a typical middle-class democrats, not particularly enthusiastic, but in 2003, 12 years on the street parade, of course, vote for the pan-democratic vote, but will feel hairy swearing is not very good, not rational kind.” In recent years, home ask their parents to eat off the TV. “I have been watching too much news on the 1st, think quietly a meal.” Far-reaching, but is that a child with Huang Feng went to visit grassroots cubicles, so little of the front began to think, why Hong Kong is a cosmopolitan city called there is such a miserable situation.

“Grandma told me most is” What to Do Zhongwu nails it? “,” Fast GOD haircut! “,” Early GOD Fen Yeah! ‘”Grandmother with all the typical Hong Kong is no different, the key is in the appropriate time to let go. “Occupied Lands In those days, I may not have time to explain in advance to see them, I’ll watch TV you’re looking for it! Results they really only came once. Grandmother when I was a student went to camp, but location was Lands. “it really easy to say, I do not know how many worries behind yellow mother, the mother not long worry ninety-nine? “Some housewife mother asked what courses I took so eloquent, and that really want to be like his son Huang Feng, if your son does not really like me ten days to go home, you do not Fadian strange! Helicopter parents how can be bred Huang Feng? ”

Fifth of that year, more than PC unlimited appointments, his father saw him addicted to computer, no beatings, but encouraged him to learn to write games. Carefully fine people will eat ghost teacher avatar key in games. On Facebook, social functioning indirectly prepare for the future. “Do not understand the social networks, then learn how to engage the people thought?” Want to have a son like Huang Feng, first lay down the shackles of the child, and then led him to develop their potential.

“Road is my own choice.” Said confidently when.


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