Hong Kong students preparing for protests. They want a Voice!

A group of students and other supporters are working hard on training themselves for non violent protest in Hong Kong. They are taking the lead from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the US and civil rights protests from that time. Good students who care about their society.





Xuemin Huang Feng Training Camp Down

Chinese Democracy’s College invites Zo early expulsion DPP inverted “flat” social movement leaders Prof. Chien Hsi-chieh arrivals “nonviolent struggle Training Course” on Friday thoughts turn to learn China Church, three dozen people while not receiving special training camp begins . Well besides the collective game, Zhongyou law lectures, demonstrations analog cleared off the same statement, the Pro tail Chung together to discuss the way forward for the political reform movement.

Training Camp One game, the participants divided into those in power pumping chips and press scores, the middle class with grassroots three, drainage Die chips can be interchanged with the right home “l do”; but the Department to go to the second round games, those in power right rules for the game, the result Huang Feng Pulled group set sun themselves generous benefit rules, wanton exploitation of the grassroots; third round finally “forcing people to rebel,” all of them have something to defeat Huang Feng. Games designed to enable participants to reflect on the social system of the grassroots and the middle class is fair or unfair, all child struggle generous necessity.

Jane teacher, then Xuemin earners have experienced social movements, for games, simulation exercises are more generous in-depth reflection, so fast it is important to grasp the nonviolent struggle with generous sense, the performance is quite good. TC Li tight Zhongyou ten, of which six to accept open enrollment, are interested can participate scared.



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