Living homeless and in a cage home. Is this right? Video.

cage home

Hong Kong is a wealthy place and currently has a HK$64.9 billion (USD$8.4 billion) budget surplus. Yet the city lacks a proper social safety net due to ineffective or a lack of government policies and remains home to the widest rich-poor gap in the developed world from business collusion with the government – and it is worsening.

A public demonstration to bring to the attention of the world the great concern the Hong Kong government must have for the peoples of Hong Kong who live in this manner for survival and the government policies allowing this to happen that are totally out of the control of the people.. We will demand that the government change any policy that allows this great indignity of human rights for a person, a family or a society and universal suffrage. Demonstration date: October 21 – 25. 5 day hunger strike. Location: Wan Chi Court building. Hong Kong. Living in a cage for 24 hours daily. Passers-by will be invited to sign a petition. Photos of actual caged homes and subdivided flats will be displayed.


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