Looking for job in Hong Kong: 20 meetings per week and business cards craze


Hong Kong presents itself as an international city for jobs but the economy moving to China has greatly impacted jobs for all including local Permanent Residents. I fear for the upcoming job prospects for the Hong Kong students of today.

Job Seeker Abroad

Valentine, a Swiss young woman, now lives and works in her home country. But before she came back to Switzerland, she spent over six months in Hong Kong where she looked for a job. Despite the fact she didn’t find her dream job, it seems she learned a lot from this experience. She is our first “job-seeker-abroad” to share with us her experience of job hunting. Thank you Valentine!

JobSeekerAbroad (JSA) Where were you before going to Hong Kong?

Valentine: I was in Scotland doing a master degree.

JSA: What decided you to leave for Hong Kong?

Valentine: I was very curious about working and leaving in Asia and particularly Hong Kong. I did not have anything keeping me in Europe at this time. It was a good timing to start a new experience and go away from Europe!

JSA: What is the official language in Hong Kong and which…

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