Student activists in Hong Kong. Are the China government boots shaking? An eyewitness account.


Chinese University (CU) and Scholorism (S) activist group.  I attended to show my support and to pray.  I took my mat which I sit on and I met the group of activists numbering about 20 and began to pray.  I was amazed as the table with S information was set up at the entrance to CU, next to the train stop and bus after bus loads of young secondary students were dropped off.  I estimate the number at least 20,000 students walking by but the number could have been much more.  S activists also consisted of secondary students speaking to their peers and passing out information.  The cover paper handed out said in context “Equal for All”.   I agreed with that statement.

I then spoke to total of about 100 of the young secondary students arriving for the orientation.

Me:  I would like you to consider joining this group.  I want you to have a good future. Equal for all is your best chance for a good future.

Two student activist’s ages 14 and 16 engaged me in conversation.

Students:  I know what is right and I can speak and I can meet in public.  Sometimes my parents are not happy with me on this.  But I know inside of me what is right.  Sometimes the police will try and stop me from speaking in public but I know what is right.  I can speak.

I am for S ability to have freedom of speech and public assembly.  I do not have to agree with everything the students say – they have rights to their own views.

I believe that the Chinese government must be shaking in their boots to see the students now reaching tens of thousands of their peers for human rights freedoms.  I saw a man, who was clearly out of place, standing nearby taking photos of the student activists and I wonder if he was there for a purpose.  In the Chinese culture people are taught not to stand up for their rights and if they do so they are punished in various ways.

These are very brave young people.  Please pray for them as they take a stand for Truth as they understand it. with 173,538 likes · 9,890 talking about this






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