A personal story on a jobless person – HKTV


He was a Director of television programming and about 45 years old and single.  He has been in the media industry for 20 years. Previously he worked for TVB station but left to join HKTV due to the low money that TVB pays its employees.  He does not know what he will do now. He may be black listed by the 2 industry controlling companies for working for HKTV or he will be forced to take a much lower wage than is before as a form of punishment.  He is looking at working at McDonald’s serving food or driving a taxi, if that can be done at all due to the devastating economic situation now in Hong Kong.   He said “No job, no house, no family possibilities are what most people in Hong Kong live with”.  – I would call this the motto of Hong Kong lifestyle.

Just one of the 320 HKTV employees with an average of 20 years experience in the industry and all made jobless by the Hong Kong Government failure to grant open air waves and denying HKTV a position in the market.

Hong Kong government continues since the British colonization to internally develops monopolies (1 company in control) or oligopolies (2 in control) to companies in key industries. Television with 2 major stations.  Radio with as I know it under 5 stations.  Telecommunications with 1 major player.  Electrical utilities with 2 companies. Property developers about 4 major companies.  Groceries to the public with 2 companies.  – Obviously those who control these companies are fabulously wealthy.  –  I will say that my observation is that 98% of the Hong Kong people live on a month to month basis or in poverty and 2% are among the wealthiest in the world.

Apparently, the Hong Kong government works with the 2%’s needs and tries to ignore the 98% desires.


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