All interested in freedom, equality for Hong Kong, please watch this video. We are all interconnected in someways.

The Hong Kong peoples fight: the Education system for our own children; for freedom of peaceful assembly; liberty; university education for all; workplace dignity; right to protest; one person one vote; the right to march; freedom of speech; freedom from discrimination; protection for voting rights; freedom for safety; equality; just justice. You have a moral…


Civil Rights Music and slideshow. My dream is to be “free”.

An overview of the civil rights movement. Justice for All. Martin Luther King Jr. Related articles 1963 march inspired Latinos in civil rights fight ( civil rights movement ( March to focus on continued fight for civil rights ( Civil rights and immigration history connected ( Top 10 books for Black History month (


Student speaking on tv about election by all, one person one vote. 學民思潮黎汶洛:全民提名是為了平等的理念

This is the truth definition of election by all Hong Kong citizen. Related articles Coffin Homes, Subdivided Flats and Partitioned Rooms, a loss of dignity for many in Hong Kong. Less than 50 square feet. ( 香港民怨沸騰的主因 The major cause of discontent in Hong Kong ( Hong Kong students pepper sprayed and water hosed, as…

cage home

Living homeless and in a cage home. Is this right? Video.

Hong Kong is a wealthy place and currently has a HK$64.9 billion (USD$8.4 billion) budget surplus. Yet the city lacks a proper social safety net due to ineffective or a lack of government policies and remains home to the widest rich-poor gap in the developed world from business collusion with the government – and it…


Let Freedom Ring video

Lyrics: Deep within the heart has always known that there is freedom Somehow breathed into the very soul alive The prisoner, the powerless, the slave have always known it There’s something that keeps reaching for the sky Even life begins because a baby fights for freedom And songs we love to sing have freedom’s theme…