Reasons for Denying License Application are Beyond HKers’ Imagination

I am all for freedom of speech, even if I do not agree with you. That is true freedom. I did not realize that the Hong Kong government will still retain the control of the airwaves as stated in this article. 2 new stations and to see them a person will need to purchase a decoder box. Again “smoke and mirrors” for the public. I have been stating for some time that we need to have independent student radio. Generally these are 50 to 100 watts of power as many other nations allow this. The students need to have the control of the content. A school may or may not be overseeing and telling or not telling the students what the programming must be. Or a student as an individual could also apply and be independent. Or an organization may apply and be granted license to operate. That is freedom at all. At the moment in Hong Kong the only option is to have Internet radio or tv with a limited audience. We need to have open airwaves that anyone can apply for and it will be approved unless the government can show why it should not be so. That is freedom of speech and media. I do not see that the Hong Kong government wants freedom of speech for all in an open and level playing field. Link on Campus Radio around the world:

The Real Hong Kong News

Apple Daily

17th October 2013

Reasons for Denying License Application are Beyond HKers’ Imagination

拒發牌 原因遠超港人想像

Under public pressure, CY Leung’s government finally made a decision on the issuance of free-to-air television license, a matter that has stirred prolonged concerns and debates. Mysteriously, CY Leung’s government only issued licenses to iCable’s Fantastic TV and PCCW’s Hong Kong Television Entertainment, but denied application from Ricky Wong Wai-kay’s HKTV.

Based on the quality and sincerity of each of these applicants, there is no reason for denying HKTV’s application. HKTV has been self-produced a significant number of dramas, and have evidently produced them with sincerity. PCCW’s NOW TV also produces some entertainment programmes in preparation of the free-to-air license. However, the quality of iCable’s Channel 1, which is a trial channel for its then potential free-to-air license, is appalling. Should Fantastic TV adopt the operation of iCable Channel 1, it is certain that the public will not…

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