Working in Hong Kong by the numbers. Existence without hope.


I would like to do my best to present a “real” picture of the Hong Kong society.  It is my observation that 98% of the people live in poverty that I will define as a month to month existence with little to no savings ever.  2% are enormously wealthy from depressing the working wages of the 98% and controlling their living necessities.  This is disguised as a profit to the monopolies they control. Primarily living this is for food, property development and banking.

The wages of most of the people of Hong Kong, skilled workers would be in the $10,000HKD (1,289USD) to $15,000HKD (1,934USD) per month range.  Two years ago the government introduced the first ever minimum wage at $32HKD ($4.13USD) an hour. Workers depend upon an hourly wage would make about $8,000HKD ($1,032USD) a month, between 12-16 hours a day, and 6 days a week.  Often they take two jobs to maintain life.  A salaried worker would be slightly higher but with no fixed working hours, days of the week or job security.  –  The monthly income is the picture presented to the world of a “great society”.
The expenses of the 98% would be a rental starting at $8,000HKD ($1,032USD) or bank mortgage starting at $16,000HKD ($2,064USD) a month.  Food costs of $4,000HKD ($516USD) month.  Transportation to and from work of $500HKD ($65USD).   The people in Hong Kong are doing the math and figuring out that they cannot live, have a sustainable life, have a house, a family or savings.
We can see why the people are so angry and discouraged. The people work for the rich in all aspects of their life.  The government knowingly allows this to take place at a great injustice to the 98%.

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