Wan Chi court government and Admiralty Hong Kong Central Government buildings. Protest / Prayer.


Wan Chi:  I wear a white face mask with tears drawn on it.  The purpose is to say that Hong Kong people are nameless, faceless and voiceless.  Especially a parent in family court.

It was interesting as people walked by they would look 4 -5 times and even walk close by. Without a mask rarely would people looked at my face or come close by.  A person stopped by in the 1 hour I was there and engaged me in a detailed conversation.  Chinese people are very aware of symbolism as they think colors, numbers have special meanings.  I believe that a white face masks symbolizes the message I intended to convey.

Admiralty:  I arrived at 615pm.  I saw 3 private security guards and one security guard in a suit.  I asked if I could go to in front of the flag area and pray.  The answer was ‘no it is a platform.” I asked “May I could go in front of the platform.” The answer “yes.”  When I stood in front I was now surrounded by 6 private security guards and 4 security men in suits.  I was told “You are obstructing traffic and a traffic lane around the platform.”  I said “I have seen thousands of people standing in this location.”  The reply “they did not have permission”. I said “I will stand here like those people.” He then asked me to “move” and my reply was “where”.  He pointed to the nearby sidewalk.  I went over and then rolled out my mat and sat down and prayed.  The suited guard response was “you are obstructing the area”.  (no one was around).  He then called the police and then it got interesting

I prayed for about 15 minutes before 4 police officers arrived, including a Sergeant.

Sergeant:  Are you ok? (as he looked at my walking stick)
Me;  Yes, I am praying.
Sergeant:  Are you a member of LSD. (a political party)
Me:  No. I am a human being.
Sergeant:  What are you doing?
Me. I am praying for Hong Kong, the leaders, the guards, the police and their families.
Sergeant:  I saw you October 1st.
Me:  With Long Hair
Sergeant:  Yes. Are you a member of LSD
Me: No.
Sergeant: May I have your identification?
Me: Yes. (writes my name in his log book)
Sergeant: Are you a christian?
Me: Yes. I will pray for your family.  The police have a difficult time, I will pray for the police. I am a peacemaker.
Sargent: If you need help.  Just call me.
Me:  I will leave at 7pm. (the police spoke to the security and left, leaving me with the security who did not approach me again)

As I left I exited to the street entrance with the private security guard standing nearby as I prayed.

Guard:  Take care of yourself.
Me:  God will do a miracle for your family.
Guard:  I need that. Thank you. Take care of yourself. (with a very nice smile)

I prayed for the leaders of Hong Kong and China, the Hong Kong Legco members that I know, Legco, the Hong Kong police, the building guards and all the families.  I prayed for those who have a spirit of anger.  I prayed for the media. I prayed for Hong Kong and China.  Note: Private security guards are among the lowest workers in Hong Kong, often having to work 2 full time guarding jobs to survive.