October 20 – 28 Demonstration for Press Freedom HKTV. A first hand account.


Sunday:  Ten’s of thousand of the public came out in support for HKTV.  A few recognize it as Freedom of the Press but most see it as job creation or worker rights.  Police are out in force numbering 8 vans and about 300 police.  They walk around video tapeing everything and as many people as possible. But as often is the case they are overwhelmed.  They try and keep banners from going up around the public square outside the Hong Kong Government building, telling the people that they cannot stand here without a permit or police permission.  The public remains.

Monday:  During the daytime the police send video teams and groups of police warning them apparently to create fear as they peacefully put up tents and sit around the public square.  Again ten’s of thousands of the public come out in support in the evening.  The police presence to the masses is withdrawn from the square to the street and a nearby walkway overpass to observe.
Tuesday and Wednesday:  Ten’s of thousands of the public in the evening once again.  The private security guards of the government house try and get the demonstrators during the day to move to a far away location that is out of the square and away from the public eye.  The small single tents for sleeping number about 15 and the larger canopy style coverings number about 10 protecting the tables of food and literature’s.  The protesters refuse to leave citing that they are in public space and allowed by the law to remain.  Strangely the police have totally withdrawn and are no where to be seen.  In the evening during the large public performance attracting tens of thousands just a handful of police are outside on the street watching.  The police say that the public is allowed to use this space in this manner.  The HKTV staff in the morning is allowed to go on a protest march to the nearby Chief Executive building. The march is very controlled by the police with barriers on each side and a strong police presence numbering hundreds. About six other groups having various grievances are also at the building with banners.  All groups are controlled by barriers and told where to stand by the police.  The government leaders just drive by and enter at a difference entrance away from the protesters.
Thursday and Friday:  The police appear to be supportive of the demonstrators now.  Two individuals come and set up protests with banners.  They are advised by the private guard that they can not do so.  I give them advise that they are allowed to do so as they are in public space.  Often the public is ignorant of their rights and the private or public security rely upon this lack of knowledge to impose unjust commands.  The protesters thank me for the advice and remain.  Students and young adults numbering about 150 join the demonstrators by sleeping over on the concrete ground with no covering or pillows as the temperature dips into the high teens F or low 60’s C.  They talk late into the night about freedoms and democracy in small groups of 10-20.
Saturday:  Ten’s of thousands of the public in the evening once again. The HKTV demonstrators set up barriers across the public square in the daytime for their performance in the evening.  I advise them that they should keep the public square totally open to the public access.  HKTV takes down one set of barriers reluctantly and somewhat allow open access to the other public space.  The HKTV is advised by the police and the private security guards that they need to move the tents and themselves out of the square to another faraway location.  I advise the protesters to remain as they have rights to the public square and it also allows them to remain in the view of the public. They remain in the square but with a reduced presence of 12 tents and 15 people who are committed for another 1.5 weeks in addition to the 1 week already here.
Sunday:  Pro democracy public meeting with 9 Legco (like a Senator) members giving speech to the media numbering about 30 and a small number of the public numbering about 20.  HKTV and others remain in the tents nearby with banners posted stating their grievances.  No evening performances by HKTV are given from this day onwards.
Monday:  The public supports by given the now unemployed HKTV workers food and moral support.  The public stops by throughout the day and evening.  The government leaders of Hong Kong must walk by each day to and from the Central Government building and the Legco meetings.  39 Legco members now give support. A few Legco members stop by and talk but most walk on by.  No pro Beijing Legco members or government leaders has stopped by that I am aware of and will usually look away as they pass by.

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