Unjust and inhumane laws need to be challenged in Hong Kong.


People need to take legal action against the HKSAR government. Why?  Unjust and inhumane laws need to be challenged. A court judgement being open to the public is a peaceful and a just means. This allows logic to be applied and made public for all to see and if necessary questioned.  For those who are unsatisfied applied disobedience can be applied (peaceful or otherwise dependent upon an individual understanding of Just and unjust) with the resulting consequences of disobedience or obedience .   Let us not forget the Tiananmen Square student lead protest in Beijing in 1989, the many murdered and the revision of history books to the students of today – An injustice on several fronts.

This is exactly what happened in the US during the 1770’s and the people overthrew those who were colonizers (British) who having the Judicial process under their government thumb and could then selectively apply the force of the law and imprisonment and at that time even death. The American colonists of that day, even the leaders of the later colonists revolution, did not want to overthrow the British as most of them had forefathers from England and a common heritage. But the people were without their own representation before the laws enacted and if the people complained about the laws or government and were taken to the same British court system under the government that they complained to and about. They were then forced to obey what the people understood as unjust and inhumane laws depriving the very people of a humane lifestyle. If the people complained to the court, costs for the trials were passed on the very people who complained as was intended to use the lack of the common person to have money to question these unjust laws without being punished economically themselves and the people were made to live in poverty if they challenged what they saw as unjust authority and peoples rights logic. This later developed into the term “human rights”

Every US primary school age child is taught this history and the applied definition of human rights as defined by the Bill of Rights in the USA since July 4, 1776 (US independence year). After the overthrow of the British, who refused to give the people proper dignity and representation, The Judicial, the Leader of the government and the Legislative were then separated for this very reason. Each of the 3 branches of the government acted as a counter balance to the other. Each branch was directly elected by the people even the Judges and could also be removed by the people if they failed to perform their duty as the PEOPLE determined. The British laws in Hong Kong have continued on to this day with the purpose to control colonies/peoples and enrich a far off nation.

As a guardian of human rights the Judicial has the duty to ensure human dignity to the peoples of Hong Kong. Not much different with HKSAR now but the new colonizer is located in Beijing, China.


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