Student Joshua standing up questioning Hong Kong education methods.



The NLD legislators Priscilla and parents Leticia stake president Lee launched “concern Liberal joint” set up yesterday, initiatives NSS Liberal Studies depoliticized and Liberal Studies into the compulsory elective subjects. Xuemin Huang Feng pointed out that the trend convener, youth politics in the Liberal Studies six units, only one third of one of the units that failed to put forward concrete proposals Joint for but reversed.

Priscilla stressed that the aim is to enable students to reduce stress, have more right to choose, for Huang Feng criticism Joint Initiative of Liberal Studies depoliticized, Priscilla’s anti-King Tong Feng Do not tell lies.

Huang Feng counterattack Priscilla, questioning why she want to become Liberal Studies electives allow students the opportunity to understand the country and there is no contact, and Chinese History has become the elective subjects enrolled students greatly reduced. Priscilla Huang Feng questioned why not fight in Shike Cheng is compulsory. Priscilla responded that this is the next phase of work. Priscilla had used “children” in their names Huang Feng, Huang has great sense of dissatisfaction, King Tong Leung subsequently changed the front classmates.


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