Do you have a dream? Martin Luther King Jr.




五十年前今日,馬丁路德金聯同其他民權運動領袖,號召美國民眾在首都華盛頓遊行,是為著名的「向華盛頓進軍」(March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom)。馬丁路德金在華盛頓林肯紀念堂的台階上發表演說,面向25萬遊行民眾,喊出了「我有一個夢」,感動了現場觀眾,也感動了全世界。


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Fifty years ago today, Martin Luther King, together with other leaders of the civil rights movement, calling on the American people march in Washington, DC, is the famous “march on Washington” (March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom). Martin Luther King in Washington on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial speech, for 250,000 marchers, shouted “I have a dream”, moved the audience, but also touched the world.

Five years later, today, let us revisit this a classic masterpieces speech.

Another look at <half a century ago, for a dream, they are civil disobedience> Atlas:
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