About Martin Luther King Jr. and the fight for civil and human rights (Chinese/English)

〈 給周融的公開信 〉— 何雪瑩「 周先生說到馬丁路德金在黑人民權運動中,最漂亮一役為『向華盛頓進軍』,1963年8月,25萬美國人聚集在首都華盛頓,全神貫注聽著馬丁路歟金發長著名的〈I Have A Dream〉演說,之後馬丁路德金博士並沒有『佔領華盛頓』,大家心滿意足地和平散去。

一年後美國國會便通過 Civil Rights Act ,黑人平權成功,締造歷史一刻,可喜可賀。後輩翻查一下發現,馬丁路德金當然沒有佔領華盛頓、癱瘓政治中心,但原來這位民權英雄本人和其他黑人也有在其他地方搞佔領,邪惡到極點!

我在百科讀到,在I have a dream演說的四個月前,阿拉巴馬州伯明翰市發生以下一件事。伯明翰市據說是當時種族隔離最嚴重的城市,馬丁路德金領導的南方基督徒領袖會議率領黑人以靜坐和遊行佔據公共空間如圖書館、教堂、午餐區,擺明犯法之餘,又影響普通人去圖書館借書,阻礙莘莘學子在圖書館溫習,讓白人上班族在短短的午膳時間無處吃飯。


如此過份的事,馬丁路德金當然鎯鐺入獄。在獄中他寫下了雖然很有名,卻始終不比〈I have a dream〉演說有名的《Letter from Birmingham Jail》。這封信其實是回給當時批評馬丁路德金的神職人員。馬丁路德金被指黑人民權民運非常極端,他回應說,耶穌、保羅、林肯、傑佛遜都是極端分子,『所以問題不是我們是否極端分子,而是我們是甚麼樣的極端分子,是為了愛還是仇恨?』」

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Straddling to Mr Robert CHOW of open letter 〉-He Xueying full text see: http://bit.ly/14QRO8g “week Mr said Martin Luther King in black civil rights movement in the, most beautiful a bondage for” to Washington March “, August 1963, 250,000 Americans gathered in capital Washington, absorbed listen with Martin road OfficeCE@HIT-CE blonde long famous of straddling I Have a, Dream 〉 speech, zhihou Martin Luther King Dr and no” occupation Washington “, everyone satisfied to peace bulk to. A year after the United States Congress through the Civil Rights Act, equal rights for black success, made a historical moment, to be congratulated.Kids check found that Martin Luther King, of course, are not occupied, paralysis in Washington the political center, but it turns out the civil rights hero and other blacks have in other places and I occupied, evil to the bone! I read in Wikipedia that, four months ago in the I have a dream speech, Alabama Birmingham City following thing.

Birmingham City is said to be the worst of apartheid city, Martin Luther King-led Southern Christian Leadership Conference, led by blacks to sit-ins and demonstrations to occupy public spaces such as libraries, churches, lunch area, put out an offence while also affect ordinary people go to borrow books from the library, impeding the students studying in the library, white office workers at lunch time just have nowhere to eat.

Overall is to affect the lives of innocent people, violating the “unjust debt” principle, with teacher complaints had put a knife to a child on the neck is no different from. So, Martin Luther King 构词成分。 shallow, flat pan, of course, to imprisonment. In prison he wrote the very famous, but not more than the famous I have a dream speech of the Letter from Birmingham Jail. This letter is in fact the priest back to the criticism of Martin Luther King. Martin Luther King was very extreme means the black civil rights movement, his response saying, Jesus, Paul, Lincoln and Jefferson were extremists, “so the question is not whether we are extremists, but what kind of extremists we are, is to love or hate it? “”——————–Home News iOS App, download link:http://bit.ly/10mjFHa (Translated by Bing)


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