Moving forwards.

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Doing what is right.

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Driving out hate with love.

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Things that matter most.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  – Things that matter most.  Where do we stand today? A short 4 minute video on this rights activist. Learn more easily. Related articles Letter from Burmingham- Martin Luther King Jr. ( Peace in my Home ( Martin Luther King, Jr. on Moral Courage ( Quote of the Day…


All interested in freedom, equality for Hong Kong, please watch this video. We are all interconnected in someways.

The Hong Kong peoples fight: the Education system for our own children; for freedom of peaceful assembly; liberty; university education for all; workplace dignity; right to protest; one person one vote; the right to march; freedom of speech; freedom from discrimination; protection for voting rights; freedom for safety; equality; just justice. You have a moral…


Civil Rights Music and slideshow. My dream is to be “free”.

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Opinions or facts. What is your own approach?

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