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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  – Things that matter most.  Where do we stand today? A short 4 minute video on this rights activist. Learn more easily. Related articles Letter from Burmingham- Martin Luther King Jr. ( Peace in my Home ( Martin Luther King, Jr. on Moral Courage ( Quote of the Day…


A personal story on a jobless person – HKTV

He was a Director of television programming and about 45 years old and single.  He has been in the media industry for 20 years. Previously he worked for TVB station but left to join HKTV due to the low money that TVB pays its employees.  He does not know what he will do now. He may be black listed by the…


A mass demonstration in Hong Kong to open tv airwaves.

The large demonstrations surrounding the Hong Kong Central Government Headquarters this entire week is for the following reasons.  HKTV a local television production company applied to the government for a free to air license along with 2 other companies.  They invested about 900 million HKD about $120M USD.  They had a staff of 320.  Most of the staff have…


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