Lacking support people with intellectual disabilities 輪候展能中心杳無音訊 智障人士支援欠奉

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Territory 1,200 severely mentally handicapped are waiting to provide day care activity center, there are complaints from parents waited for ten years, are waiting less than a day activity center. Organizations are concerned about more means in many cases, forced to switch to givepeople with disabilities support services. Three-year-old son with severe autism Kang, rely on to take care of her mother, seventeen-year-old began waiting for the severely mentally handicapped persons which activity centers. But thirteen years no news, only to use for people with disabilities set up regional support centers, while using the side and so on. At present, there are 81 activity centers, there are 4,800 places for the severely mentally handicapped one week on the 5th day care; also divided into small classes for different needs and capabilities, develop work skills training. Department said that as of June thisyear, there are 1,200 people waiting. A parent organization refers to people with intellectual disabilities and friends to keep social contact, but people with disabilities support center class sizes and more, there is no training for people with intellectual disabilities, students return to center just twelve days per week, not suitable for severely mentally handicapped. Legislative Councillor Fernando that can be converted into the vacant school district activity centers, providing more places, solve the fundamental problem
全港有1200名嚴重智障人士正輪候提供日間照顧的展能中心,有家長投訴輪候了十三年,都輪候不到展能中心。有關注組織更指,不少個案因此被迫改用給予殘疾人士的支援服務。  三十歲的子康有嚴重自閉症,要靠媽媽照顧,十七歲開始輪候為嚴重智障人士而設的展能中心。但十三年來都沒消息,唯有使用專為殘疾人士設立的地區支援中心,一邊用一邊等。  現時,全港有81間展能中心、有4800個名額,為嚴重智障人士提供一星期五日的日間照顧;亦會分成細班,針對不同需要和能力,制定工作技能訓練。社署表示,截至今年六月有1200人輪候。  有家長組織指,智障人士要跟社會和朋友保持接觸,但殘疾人士支援中心每班人數多,並無針對智障人士的訓練,學員只是每星期返中心一兩天,不適合嚴重智障人士。  立法會議員張超雄認為,可把各區空置校舍改建成展能中心,提供更多名額,解決根本問題

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