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Martin Luther King Jr. USA. Learning from others to stand up for right. Simple and easy to read. 5
Seven universities hold Universal Suffrage Week and D-day of Occupy Central. 7大專參與佔中商討日 學聯先辦巡迴「普選周」熱身 3
About 3
Hong Kong is reading in the past 24 hours overwhelmingly. 3
林慧思老師:「我不再是孤單一人, 而是有一群風雨同路的香港 2
Set Them Free – video on human rights for China. English with Chinese subtitles. 2
Immigrant students “converting” to take place of Hong Kong students. 2
Martin Luther King, Jr. on Moral Courage 2
I need my family. Video 2
Coffin Homes, Subdivided Flats and Partitioned Rooms, a loss of dignity for many in Hong Kong. Less than 50 square feet. 2
Foul language and students. 2
This is Chinese history. Will it be taught to Hong Kong students? The Tank Man, Tiananmen Square 1989 video. 1
Support of the Hong Kong teacher, Ms Alpais Lam Wai-sze. 1
Subdivided Flats and Partitioned Rooms a collection of photos. Shameful, a policy the government agrees with. 1
[7.29 反國民教育大遊行] Hong Kong Rally Against National Education 1
慧卿︰「簽約章係對學者唔禮貌。」 咁都算理由?Miss Emily LAU: “contract of students well manners. 1
A secondary student missing for days in Hong Kong. 1
Law Ting Pong Secondary School mandatory summer camp for students 2013 1
Child suicide causes and concerns from one expert – The sad consequences. 1
Country daily visitors as of 11:09pm. I am always amazed at the diversity. 1
Chen Guangcheng to the New Chinese Leader: The Whole Nation is Watching You 1
Gandhi (1982) Full Film Lead his country to freedom. 1
Law Ting Pong Secondary School mandatory summer course. Objections and protections for the children! 1
Martin Luther King Jr. “I Have Been to the Moutaintop” Full speech audio. 1
HK government HK$50,000,000 tender to organize national education exchange programmes for students. 政府招標料花逾半億 洗腦交流團重來 1
做英文功課中..Do English homework. In English Video. Taiwan and Hong Kong. Occupy Central with Love and Peace, True Democracy, universal suffrage 1
Occupy Central and the Hong Kong China Daily edition 1
Half a million survive on less than HK$120 (USD$15) a day in Hong Kong. 1
Student, Know your civil rights and your human rights. This list are civil rights. 1
Hong Kong Teacher, police and foul language. 1
Prosperity and poverty co-exist in Hong Kong. Video 6個港人 1個活在貧窮線下 1
Assignment 4 – The alternative of “Kong kids” 1
The Line Between Right and Wrong 1
Dissatisfaction with students and teachers in Hong Kong expressed in recent poll. 1
Student Joshua standing up questioning Hong Kong education methods. 1
突發: 教育局繼續請人搞洗腦團 Breaking: the Mission of the Education Department continues to brainwash people

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