New Zealand and Australia to Hong Kong. Students learn about other nations to improve Hong Kong.


I have heard other stories like this from other Hong Kong people.











Anaemic Wu Wenyuan, Vice-President said: “Hong Kong is a strange place. Dad flees to Hong Kong to escape Communist; 97 reunification immigrants; the economic downturn returned emigrants, a political unknown and goes away. Everyone in Hong Kong as their home, with time to spread a way out.

“To leave, stay low, back, each having previously, watch you watch.

Backflow case 2: I am optimistic and well satisfied

Vice Chairman of the League are Wu Wenyuan

Departure year: 1989

Leaving paradise: New Zealand and Australia

Where: Hong Kong “I’m 13 years old family emigrated to New Zealand. No, because 64 just to find a good reading environment. In there, studying in high school and College in Australia, also received an Australian Passport. While living abroad for many years, but I always feel that Hong Kong is their home, 07, 08, back last year in order to run in the Legislative Council abolition of New Zealand with an Australian Passport.

」 “I remember Hong Kong is prosperous, Hong Kong people will be good opening, feel free. I grew up in Sham, 80 in estate grown, in conjunction with the next shop for the new year happy new year, where sparrows that open from time to time, but these were overshadowed by money in recent years, are busy, no time and no money to get a human face, it is obvious that system. Past ten years Hong Kong has become increasingly conservative culture on thinking, why don’t people try to change society.

」 “A lot of people object to my politics, my friends said I was daft, canceled a lot of people want to do not get passports. You can, I’m bitchy, Melbourne are one of the top ten livable city in New Zealand, but I don’t think you can choose different ways of life in Hong Kong. I optimistically think Hong Kong has hope, has the ability to become top ten livable cities, the grassroots can live Happy, only Government work. Without changing what the spoon-feeding education system of Hong Kong, people value different from abroad. Yiqian of Hong Kong people are good has creative, lots small enterprises, well-off family by there launched; now regardless of you do artist or venture, failed of cost is nothing; make less a years money you married to delay three years, actually I well Ming why Hong Kong knot a married will so your, in foreign that not many money, unemployment will has grants, you to try to hit Board of cost is low, in here you ignoring storage money Xia was fried really Department listening begging m. Issues such a small reserve of 7 million inhabitants of the city GDP and loud, and mad you not telling me to it? I am well worth it! Changes across the entire economic educational and cultural structures. But not even can’t do the first step for democracy, even if it will take a long time to change. Zuo do we love basketball and got so bad in Hong Kong decades, returning good for decades. You have all components of the model, you can build a good pretty model. But now the Hong Kong Government between hard components buried a Huo junk so give you, just watch any heart.


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