News article regretting deteriorating of Hong Kong. Another viewpoint/discussion for students.


I think this news article points to where Hong Kong is heading and quickly. I am trying my best to help my own children who may have to live in Hong Kong to understand a different viewpoint. They need to have a least two or more viewpoints and understanding of other nations systems to compare against each other and then have a better chance to draw good conclusions.

Hong Kong schools generally teach everything is wonderful in Hong Kong, love and agree with mainland PRC China and the future is going to be ok, Children are told by educators just study long (insane) hours, limit the time with your family (to almost non existent) and you will have a good future. In the meantime educators (which is the government in Hong Kong) ignore finding why and the solutions that families with suicide and murder take place almost daily as reported in the press.

It is up to each parent to teach their children viewpoints that may or may not agree with the governance of Hong Kong and to help their children make sense between what they see actually taking place around them in society and what they hear that may be misleading them.

News translated by Google:


After the reunification, Hong Kong, deteriorating the quality of governance, regrettable. What is more worrying is that Hong Kong politicians and political ethics and conduct equally degenerate.
The political and moral depravity, best embodies the Chief Executive in three words and deeds. Although the first Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa stubborn and stupid man, was nicknamed “Old muddled,” but also to maintain the standards of conduct in his innocence of the body. Successor Tsang could not withstand the temptation of acquisitiveness, openly accepts Regal hospitality was eventually dubbed “greed was” in the title, disgrace of Hong Kong. Third CY Leung, Chief Executive, his campaign when they liar, but also to become the Chief Executive after the ruling lies, no wonder people often “Pinocchio” nose will lie in a variable-length puppet to represent the wolf England, and more dubbed “Westward fine” in the name. Wolf English language Counterfeiters also been the concern of foreign magazine, “Time” magazine cover in which a publicly questioned the “Hong Kong trusted this man?” Thus, the integrity of Leung Chun-ying has been poor international image of Hong Kong indelible damage.
In addition to the Chief Executive, the performance of many elected representatives also uninspiring. Many political figures, including some radical democrats, in order to obtain seats, do not hesitate to lie deceive the masses, and has repeatedly distort the truth in order to discredit others but also his innocence for fun. In addition, many politicians in the region on a variety of means to win over the public, and often vegetarian cake Dumplings snake lure residents; damage to the district authorities a major policy interests of the residents when they were in order to curry favor with Hong Kong and powerful, at the expense of the public interests. Such words and deeds initiatives irksome, but unfortunately, these methods can still please the public, so that they continue to win elections at all levels.
Hong Kong’s local administration has implemented over three years, while the introduction of directly elected seats in the Legislative Council also twenty years, but people have yet to fully grasp the true spirit of democracy and effective supervision of politicians, political parties and politicians also failed to adhere to its ethical behavior. In mercenary, utilitarian rampant political situation, as well as Hong Kong residents who do not cherish the awakening of their rights and the sanctity of elections, Hong Kong will become a corrupt, corrupt Chinese cities.
Albert Legislative Council


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