Students at Tai Po Station and Kwun Tong. 全民提名 只為平等 長期街站 正式始動


National nominate only formal equality initiating long-term Street Station

9 月 15 日 (星期日)
Kowloon: Kwun Tong APM opposite 1500-1900
New Territories East: Tai Po Market Station 1600-1900

* Xuemin thoughts every week to put Street Station in Hong Kong to promote “universal nomination” until the electronic referendum concluded.

Embark on the road to universal suffrage struggle universal nomination oath
“Students are welcome to join:”
“The public is welcome to join:” – the long-term national nominating Street Station on September 14

【全民提名 只為平等 長期街站 正式始動】

九龍:觀塘APM對面 1500-1900
新界東:大埔墟火車站 1600-1900


踏上普選之路 誓爭全民提名
《歡迎市民加入:》 — 全民提名 長期街站 九月十四日


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