Personality Changes after Moral Education Camp’s PLA Talks. Cheung Chuk Shan College


Hong Kong children in public school and they learn love “Motherland” concepts in various forms. Most Hong Kong parents have no desire or even the basic knowledge to counter or discuss these ideas. This is Hong Kong for children and expanding through out the HKSAR.

The Real Hong Kong News

Apple Daily

31st August 2013

Personality of a Cheung Chuk Shan College Student Changes after Moral Education Camp’s PLA Talks

參加校方德育營 回家後變沉默

Cheung Chuk Shan College, a famous secondary school in North Point, arranged a moral education camp for Form 1 students. Part of the camp is military education by the PLA. The parents are outraged after finding out that the school used the name “moral education” to brainwash their children. The moral camp was organised by an organisation owned by Bunny Chan Chung-bun, an advocate of Moral and National Education. Funded by the Jockey Club (US$76,000), a total of of 18,000 students participated the camp.

PLA military training is part of the HK Association of Youth Development’s moral education camp

Biased text books, National Education Centre and China exchange tours have long been criticised for brainwashing children in Hong Kong. However, this is the first time for modal education camp to be…

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