St. Stephen’s is not for the rich.


School from Hong Kong, the school dropped the direct subsidy plan due to pressure from students and parents.

AnNa TaYa 😀



“Hi Miss, we are alumnae of St. Stephen’s Girls’ College.This century-old school is proposing to join in the direct subsidy scheme (DSS) recently and we are now collecting signatures to oppose such decision which deprive the opportunity of poorer students to receive quality education. If you support us, all you have to do is just sign up here.” In the past two months I have been keep repeating the above conversation to passer-by on the streets. I am not treating it as a hard work but my responsibility since the effect of such changes can be enormous.

Education is long known as one of the fairest channels for social upward mobility. And that is why Hong Kong government has provided twelve-year free education for every eligible Hong Kong residents. Nevertheless, direct subsidy scheme has turn things the other way round. It puts education into the market, treats it as…

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