Abandon hope? Never


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Sorry for the lack of update last week, as I was sick.  (I mean, I’m always sick of Hong Kong politics, but this time I was physically sick.)

I came across this article in the SCMP today:

After a stellar performance in the British and international secondary exams, Justin Cheng Yan-yiu, 16, should be looking forward to a good career and life in his home city.

But the English Schools Foundation pupil, who scored eight straight A*s in the General Certificate of Secondary Education and its international equivalent, says he is so disillusioned with Hong Kong’s divided society that he might consider emigrating.


Justin said he saw the city’s political situation as hopeless, but was against the civil-disobedience movement Occupy Central as it would cause only unrest and chaos. “It just won’t work,” said Justin, who supports universal suffrage. “It won’t force the central government to back down as…

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