8 people protesting is a crime called Unlawful Assembly in Hong Kong.


News link: http://hk.apple.nextmedia.com/news/art/20130905/18409849


Police charged musician Huang Jue (aka Huang Jin Jue) unlawful assembly, next Monday at the Eastern Magistracy, who on April 1 in Civil Human Rights Front “organized chaos of the Liaison Office in Hong Kong protest

” march and demonstrations outside the Liaison Office, after the lapse of 16 months was arrested at the airport immigration. Was arrested on May 28 Police said that this year in January-July has arrested seven men and one woman, arrested for “attempting to insult by incineration regional flag” and “unlawful assembly”. Including civic activists arrested Yang Kuang, LSD Wu Yuan, Huang Haoming, Ma Yunqi, and Zhang Jinxiong, Qiu Jia Yu, Li Yun and Koo Sze Yiu Kin, where Ma Yunqi and Koo Sze Yiu accused of burning the regional flag, Ma was sentenced to community service , and then sentenced to imprisonment for four months old but suspended two years, awaiting appeal.
Police said earlier this year, has repeatedly tried to contact Huang Jue, was also able to contact each other assist in the investigation, but was refused, on March 28, was arrested at the airport put; usual suspects for alleged, the police said that according to the law, no political considerations. Former radio host folk musician Huang Jue on August 12, 2009, charged with an offense “Telecommunications Regulations”, and eventually acquitted.



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