Seven universities hold Universal Suffrage Week and D-day of Occupy Central. 7大專參與佔中商討日 學聯先辦巡迴「普選周」熱身


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7 tertiary institues will participate in the D-day of Occupy Central. The tertiary institutes association will hold the “Universal Suffrage Week” in the universities
7大專參與佔中商討日 學聯先辦巡迴「普選周」熱身







學聯8成員 樹仁未參與





7 college participate in discussions Japan accounted for

ACSF first run tour ” universal suffrage Week” warm-up

Ming Pao Occupy Central second round of discussions at (D-Day2) progressed, the Federation will be held on October 13 to discuss the first college academics , a total of seven universities participating ACSF least expect thousands involved, and the Federation will this month to promote ” universal suffrage Week” , organized by the political reform of the institutions Tour Forum ” warm up .” On the other hand , accounted for in one of the promoters expressed Benny TAI recently received a lot of organizations have expressed interest in organizing discussion day, accounting for the Secretariat are also recruited to discuss 2012 ” facilitators ” (facilitator), and will be held in two month Course facilitators training activities.

ACSF said no universal suffrage stance

Federation Secretary-General Chen Shuhui said ACSF universal suffrage for the Chief Executive not have a specific position , expectations are at times to discuss government can promote the academic atmosphere . Is the second day to discuss the problem from the principle of universal suffrage discussion , such as whether it should be discussed in 2017 CE ” universal and equal,” the election, will reach “civil disobedience” is the way for universal suffrage .

Day will be discussed separately from 12-15 pairs, with the share of ” facilitators ” for discussion. Benny TAI expect facilitators can come from participant groups that helped drive discussion atmosphere will be held later this month, two facilitators training days .

ACSF eight members of the Hong Kong Shue Yan did not participate

ACSF eight member institutions , a total of seven college should be organized to discuss the day , but it did not participate in Shue Yan University . It is understood that part of Hong Kong Shue Yan Zhuang students who due to family factors and worry violations involving civil disobedience , and ultimately without the support of more than half the members held discussions Zhuang day .

Deputy Secretary General Yang Zhengxian Federation responded that the Union ‘s decision respecting individual institutions , except if the seven colleges of the students want to participate in discussions date, also apply to the Federation , the details will be announced one to two weeks .

Democratic political reform conference yesterday to do

In addition, the working group representing the Democratic Party yesterday held the first seminar on constitutional reform , and was invited to share in one of the promoters CHU Yiu-ming attended . Democratic Party Vice LO Kin-hei yesterday that the forum is only planning a one to two weeks , yesterday there are 40-50 people involved in that response. The Democratic Party was held at Tuen Mun today Jiangzai second seminar on constitutional reform , and would really PULIAN Sunday Sai Yeung Choi Street , Mong Kok Pedestrian


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