Tips for Parents.




這份《給家長的話》(Tips for Parents)一開始便提到,「大學既鼓勵學生過獨立自主的生活,也希望他們能為自己的決定作出承擔,當您面對子女升讀大學後,留在家的時間比從前少,就連溝通的時間也好像不足夠時,您也許會感到悲喜交集」。



HKU and pamphlets “counselling” newborn parents nowadays, too many helicopter parents, college students and even school accompanied by their parents.

HKU has concocted one of the parents, that “counseling” about how parents learn “let it go”.

This ‘ to the parents ‘ (Tips for Parents) refers to a start, “the University encourages students to live a life of independence, hoping that they can decide their own commitment, when you face when their children admitted to the University, at home in less time than before, and even the communication time doesn’t seem to have enough, you may feel sad all at once.” Guidelines with respect, “at this time, are you” let go “, to accept and adapt to change, and rethink your position in the lives of children an opportunity.”

Recommended guidelines for children of parents in respect of private space, the “regular” keep in touch using mobile phone text messages and problems may not be every time or real time reply, and do more of a listener.

For providing this to the parents in Hong Kong, someone who had served in the Hong Kong Ta humorously said, “looking forward to (future) University orientation camp for the parents day”. She said that “students told me that test well to a good grade than Grandma, walk of Fame grandmother would make. I thought to myself, when I went to college my grandma’s Ghost talking to me so much. Lucky half years an Assistant Professor is not met complaints from parents but sideline so see on scene quickly occur: parent Assistant Office: BAA than a b, and I left! 」 (Translated by Bing)


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