Cramped Living Spaces in Hong Kong

This is Hong Kong living for many people. This would include those in public housing with children, mid aged singles, elderly, those who are on a waiting list for public housing up to ten years and those who can not afford to live in small housing that they can not afford and then must lived in a recent development of the city call subdivided flats (apartments). Shameful and a violation of the human beings right to dignity and housing.

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The home is an extension of ourselves, a space that is completely our own and the piece of land that fixes us to the earth. But in Hong Kong, the human rights group Society for Community Organisation (SoCO) has captivated a series of photographs of some of the city’s most claustrophobic living environments.



cramped-apartments-from-above-hong-kong-soco-1Shocking aerial photos of cramped Hong Kong apartments, Hong Kong - 22 Feb 2013

According to SoCO there are approximately 100,000 people living in inadequate housing such as: cagehomes, bedspaces, cubicles, sub-divided units, cocklofts and roof-top huts.

You can find a larger gallery of these apartments on the SoCO website that are not shot from directly above here.

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