A mind should be filled with knowledge!

This is such a great picture reaching out to students in Hong Kong. Teaching them individual human freedoms. One person + one vote = free thought, speech.學民思潮昨趁開學日,清晨六時許在港島庇理羅士女子中學及九龍陳瑞祺(喇沙)書院附近擺街站,向學生派發宣傳刊物《破折號》,闡述學民「全民提名、全民普選」的政改方案理念;下午再到銅鑼灣派發刊物,1,500本半小時內派完。學民思潮發言人之一黎汶洛昨日表示,由港大民意研究計劃鍾庭耀負責的「電子公投」,容許18歲以下人士就民間政改方案投票,故特別向學生派刊物,希望同學能將訊息帶入校園,鼓勵他們在政改運動上支持學民方案。學民早前亦表明,會在9月中開始,在全港展開為期半年的街站宣傳,喚醒大眾關注政改議題。
Thought yesterday while opening day at about six o’clock in the morning at Belilios Public School in Kowloon and Hong Kong Island Chen Ruiqi (La Salle) College swing Street station near, distributing publicity materials to the students of the dash, describing “the nomination, universal suffrage for all” package concept through publications in Causeway Bay this afternoon, 1,500 copies sent out within half an hour. IMC spokesman Li Wenluo said yesterday that Hong Kong’s public opinion programme, Dr Robert Chung is responsible for “e-vote” civil package to persons below the age of 18 are allowed to vote, so the special publications to students, students can bring the message into the campus and encourage them to support programmes in the political reform movement. Earlier shows that will start in September, launched a territory-wide publicity for the six-month Street to awaken public concern on political reform issues.

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