Summer courses at schools big business in Hong Kong. Now mandatory.


Parents force children to do things in the summer, tell them it is good for them and the child’s own idea and then the parent does not really have to be around the child or take care of them or do things with the child. The way it works in Hong Kong. Sad.

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社會 – 內地暑期作業「槍手」生意火爆

Social – Mainland summer job “gunmen” hot business
After the summer holidays, the most worry is that students, in addition to have to go to school, summer jobs must pay. Mainland someone spotted business opportunities, provide summer jobs “gunmen” service, the customer but not a student, but the parents.

The so-called fun time flies so fast, for our students, but also with the summer time to say goodbye. Now pressing, of course, is the completion of summer jobs. The original in the mainland, for primary and secondary students to do summer job is a fiery industry, go into the city. All are not patronize lazy student, but more parents. Issued by the school homework too many want their children had a relaxing vacation spot, or for them to enroll too many interest groups, aggravated circumstances, the children have no time to do summer jobs. But only now hastily, of course, have to pay a higher price to the end of the summer at least 30 percent fare increase, “gunmen” may still not completed in time.

Whether it is too much homework, or lazy student, the parents actually use this method to solve the problem. Young children to learn a little “money makes the world go around,” How can this teach by example how can cultivate their proper values.


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