Erica Yuen Mi Ming, an interest in young people in Hong Kong.


I have had some good discussion with Erica Yuen Mi Ming. I am happy to see her involved in the future of Hong Kong by her involvement in the public opinion. She is a former tv artist, beauty contestant, and now businesswomen and chairwomen of political group “People Power” and involved with mentoring students in Hong Kong through a youtube site she has set up. I am sure she has some interesting viewpoints.

Video news link:




[News Magazine: ATV fined (two)] have the audience believe that the ATV program quality wireless better than ever, but now only talk shows and outsourcing dramas, has given up watching ATV; refers to the audience, will ATV commentaries on current affairs programs to watch, because you can know what right and wrong.
People Power President Mi Ming refers, in Ben Koon White, the ATV has fallen 3 billion, from a financial point of view, the ATV should surrender their licenses. She pointed out that the earlier poaching Hong Kong TV, wireless immediate improvement in the treatment of employees, retain talent. She believes that there is competition, there is progress, changes in the system as there is always less than the efficiency of issuing licenses.

Legislative Council Panel on Information Technology and Broadcasting Claudia Mo members believe that the best outcome is to surrender their licenses ATV, but also refers to the ATV does not repent, depending on the opinion as a cloud.


15 thoughts on “Erica Yuen Mi Ming, an interest in young people in Hong Kong.

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