Human Right for anyone to show support of teacher.

Ms Alpais Lam Wai-sze

The students are very young at the Primary School in Fanling and not totally able to understand what has happened to the teacher that they know as a teacher only.  Perhaps meeting at the school on Sunday afternoon and putting a yellow ribbon around the school fence to show support for the teacher is a good idea. The teacher is on home leave for the entire month of September to minimize the disruption to both her own family and the school.

My viewpoint is that students of all ages in Hong Kong are not taught basic human right freedoms such as speech, press, and thought. These basic human concepts need to be taught at the earliest of ages for a society that states to the world that they are modern.

I do not think that a demonstration will be avoided on the first day of school as many groups and individuals have opinions on what is happening to the teacher. So the school can use this an opportunity to discuss with the students about human rights, theirs and the demonstrators meeting on the public sidewalk outside the school and elsewhere in Hong Kong. Someday maybe the student will need that right via human right freedoms themselves to voice their own needs or concerns. I would guess that usually the schools or Education Bureau in Hong Kong does not want students to have a voice of disagreement to their own viewpoints at all.


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