Child activities for some is child care for others education and fun. Mandatory or optional?


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And that activities be voluntary and not mandatory as mandated by the Education Bureau.






Google translate: Concerned about the right to development co schoolchildren, about 60 primary school children and their parents, to the Chief Secretary’s residence on the Peak rallies, they are playing games, performing and sharing.

Some parents said that as too expensive can not participate in extracurricular activities, future studies about the effects on children.

Co said that the current students to become involved in extra-curricular activities under the new academic trends, but also refers to the existing subsidized scattered, complicated application procedures, can not effectively deal with students needs.

In addition, the Society for Community Organization visit about 200 low-income families, low-income families find Sancheng four, did not let the children attend summer extracurricular activities, mainly due to too expensive or family money.

Association recommends that schools provide free places for extracurricular activities, and to participate in extracurricular activities for children, providing transport subsidy.


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