Children left alone in Hong Kong.

I have seen children coming and going to school at all hours of the day and evening. Apparently they had no parent to look after them as they work insane hours and days or even worst a parent who did not care.  The other idea for those who have a bit of extra money is to hire a domestic helper from another nation, pay the helper slave labour wages to work day and night to care for the children.  Then insane hours of after or before school activities are used by the parents as child care.  It is a injustice for children.  Shame!
傳媒工作者原來不是每個做父母的都知道香港有這樣一條法例,原來許多家長一直都無知或有意地犯了法。因為,香港法例規定,獨留16 歲以下的兒童在家會構成刑事罪行,一經發現,父母都要坐牢。對,是16 歲,正常應該是個中五生。難怪香港的下一代一直逃不出「港孩」行列,16 歲仍要大人看守,17 歲才可獨立,怎看,都是一件荒謬的事。許多人都知道不能獨留兒童在家,但對上限年齡一直眾說紛紜,最多被人誤解的是12 歲,大家滿以為孩子升中學了,該就是放手時刻,卻原來那條古怪法例訂明期限是遙遠的16 歲。

我忘了16 歲那年幹過什麼,只記得媽媽一不在我就「作反」,這個童年印象,證明當年沒有什麼獨留孩子在家父母就會被捕之例。還記得媽媽管教很嚴,16 歲之前基本上不太允許我外出,外面腥風血雨人心狡詐,媽媽認為,留家是最安全的,即使得你一個人。反看今天法例,獨留孩子在家,會觸犯法例,把他們推出街遊蕩,倒安然沒事,如果要選最荒謬之法例,莫過於此。

我認識一個女孩子,8 歲開始就獨個兒上學放學。特別說她,是因為她走的路好轉折,她住在西貢村屋,每日先要從住處走十分鐘路搭小巴到馬鞍山,然後轉巴士到葵涌,中途在城門隧道轉車,下了車還要走一段路才到學校。


還有我家附近的公共屋邨住了幾伙印度人,他們孩子生得特多,一放學就通邨玩。有日黃昏,天將黑,我問他們為什麼還不回家,孩子說: 「爸爸媽媽工作未返,叫我們玩到七點才回去!」隨街逛,只要不回家,便可成功地逃離惡法,想想,腦海又冒出荒謬二字。

原文轉載自《明報》 2013年8月18日


Not lonely, Qu Yingyan media workers 16 years old so not every parent knows there is such a piece of legislation in Hong Kong, many parents have been ignorant or intentionally break the law.

Because the laws of Hong Kong, leaving children under the age of 16 at home would constitute a criminal offence, once discovered, parents are going to jail. Yes, 16 years old, I’d normally be five.

No wonder the next generation in Hong Kong could not escape the “kid in Hong Kong”, 16 years old are still guarded independence until he was 17, how, is a ridiculous thing.

Many people know not to leaving children alone at home, but for maximum age has always been controversial, most misunderstood was 12 years old, people thought children secondary school, which is letting go moments, but it turns out that weird law stipulates that the term distant 16 year old. I forgot, 16 years old, what I did, just remember MOM out of my “side”, the childhood impression, prove that when there’s nothing left of the child’s parents will be arrested at home alone. Remember when MOM have been hard, before the age of 16 is basically not allow me to go out, carnage heart treacherous out there, MOM thought, left at home is the most secure, even if you’re alone.

Legislation against today, leaving children alone at home, they will violate the law, they launched the street wandering, fine, if I had to select the most ridiculous legislation is this. I know a girl, 8 years old started alone to and from school.

Said she, because she’s way better transitions, she lives in a village house in Sai Kung, first of all, ten minutes walking from the residence daily minibuses to Ma On Shan, Kwai Chung, then go by bus to via Shing Mun Tunnel Interchange, get out of the car to go all the way to the school.

The little girl went to school in the afternoon, winter school at six, was dark, and I imagine she went on alone, journey home, one can’t help but chill, but such child out of a point penalty at all. Has lived in the public housing estate near my home a couple of guys India people, they have kids, Tong Estate after school to play. Evening, it will be dark, and I asked them why they didn’t go home, son says: “MOM and dad are not returned, told us to play until seven o’clock back!

“With the street stroll, as long as you don’t go home, will be able to successfully escape from draconian, think of my mind comes the word ridiculous. Reproduced from the Ming Pao, August 18, 2013


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