The 5 day hunger strike and prayer a success.


  • Thousands of people are made aware of child care and education issues in Hong Kong.
  • Hundreds spoke to me who shared similar experiences either as parents or children.
  • Media reports were made alerting tens of thousands more.
  • Prayers were made.
  • Demonstration before the Judicial court and system was made.

The Justice system has been a “hands off” or a lack of oversight by the public under the English system still being used in Hong Kong.

People told me constantly “I have never seen someone stay in a tent, hunger strike and demonstrate in from of the court building”.

It is my prayer that peoples basic human rights (free speech, free thought, free to write, freedom of press, freedom of worship and freedom of peaceful public assembly be allowed in all locations.  It was clearly allowed in my situation for that 5 day period.  The question would it be allowed individually or in groups to local Chinese who have grievous against the laws?  My stand is that each person should obey civil laws as long as they do not violate basic “human rights” as respected in the world.

Important questions are:

  • What are the “human rights” for all ages, nationalities, cultures and faiths.
  • If a violations of a human right occurs are people regardless of their viewpoints allowed to protest and have free speech without hindrance in the process.
  • How is the justice system and enforcement set up to support individual human rights in Hong Kong.

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