Advanced education and students in Hong Kong. Places at all costs.


I speak to hundreds of aspiring university students in Hong Kong each year.  Their concerns include: Not enough student places for applicants. Students are required to study non stop as they get closer to examinations for entrance.  They are told by teachers they must study extra to get the best chance. They are told that they will have no future without going to the right school or having university educations.  They are punished if they have any objections to the schools, teachers or parents.  All are abuses and falsehoods in partiality and have created psychological stresses beyond imaginations or understandings of young students in Hong Kong.

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Translated by Google:

[News Magazine: college entrance examinees heavy plight (two)] PTU educational research director Zhang Ruihui refers to the EDB has just depict the situation at this stage, the students did not answer the question, such as whether there is contact in advance and the institutions, candidates try to re-offer special arrangements. He reiterated that the Department of Education does not want to institutions therefore required pressure.

College entrance examinees Yu Jiawei said that heavy, heavy plight of candidates from loopholes in the system. He explained that local public joint entrance examination candidates has been in use for a university degree, but it takes this year’s college entrance examination to enroll through non-contact provoke University, is unprecedented, the Bureau has the responsibility from coordination.

Candidates Wupei Cong said that heavy entrance, the last self-help group members entrance only to fight for places, but also hope that through exposing problems, get fairer treatment.


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