Day 3 of 5 Hunger strike fast


An awesome day. Day of meeting people, talking, praying and counseling.

1. 9 students from Po Leung Kuk Secondary School standing directly in front of my tent in the park. Today they were “ordered” (my words but their description) to go to the streets and raise money for the charity. PLK is one of the richest charities in the city. The students told me that they “hate” to do this and another stated “we can only get out of it if we say we are sick”. A few students remained silent and listened. We discussed the difference between being forced to do something and freedom to choose to help a charity. One is an order and the other is from the heart. Then all the students helped me write in Chinese things that I needed for the public attention and they also thanked me for helping students.

2. A recently married Chinese and Pakistani nationals. I gave them counseling on different cultures, nationalities and religion advice. We prayed. I will follow this up.

3. A recent secondary school graduate and we discussed difficulties of life for a young person in Hong Kong. He felt he wanted to help me out also and brought me a drink for the need that I had.

4. A retired police officer and I spoke at length about the police culture of HK. He also felt a need to help me out and gave me an apple and said he will bring other fruit.

So many others that I spoke with but no time to give the details. But a good day.


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