Day 2 of 5 update.


Police came over 3 times today.  The police said “We know you are here for your children’s rights and we will not ask you to move”.  One policeman even said he was aware of the education issue I was involved with.   I was informed that during the entire night every 2 hours a policeman will walk by and check on my safety.

Many public members walking by ask questions. I am trying to raise public awareness for children rights in Hong Kong.  I have spoken to children in HK for years and the stories they share with me on their unhappiness is distributing.
A professional script writer and documentary maker stopped by and said he would like to help me tell my story in a professional written manner.  So that is a blessing as it starts with one person who has a hunger for righteousness and then it expands to others who thirst for righteousness.
I slept on the stone bench last night, just too hot to go into the tent. Day time it is at least 30C or into the the 90’sF and very high humidity.  I have started to eat fruit as my sugar level was dropping to an extreme.  I feel much

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