Day one hour 12 of 106 hours of hunger strike and prayer


Began in a heavy downpour of rain. Media was waiting for me (Next Magazine) as I arrived.  People in out and out of court building heard a message of Protection and freedom for children.  Men and women stopped by to give their support.  A women told me of a wife who has been beaten and as she is not working but her husband is and she is afraid if she goes to court for a divorce she will lose her children in custody.  She is very depressed.  I passed on my phone number and the website to stay in contact.

3 Police stopped by and asked what I was doing in a park.  When they found my reason they said “Oh, human rights for children advocate.  No problem, stay until Friday is ok.”

St. James Settlement, a charity of social work stopped by and spoke to street sleepers who sleep in the park at night.  They assumed I was homeless and we got into a good discussion over Hong Kong lifestyle for homeless.

Slogan of the day: Uncle hit the children. No, No, No.  Children are not animals or robots they are human beings.

Tomorrow Slogan:  8 million dollars and the children have no food.  Shame, Shame, Shame.


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