What has Hong Kong become today? We need to Love Hong Kong back to truth and dignity.


I have always been concerned about human dignity.

Let me give you a few of my observations over 20 years about Hong Kong.
A very large % of the population, maybe 95% plus live a month to month existence.
If a person makes 10,000 to 20,000HKD a month and then rent is 50% and food is 50% then your existence is almost non existence.
Younger people can not find jobs in HK now.
Recent College or Secondary school graduates can be on the lower end of 10,000HKD leaving them in an undignified manner without the ability to afford their own housing.
The majority of retired people formerly had a monthly income but now must rely upon public housing or public money to survive.
If a family survives at all with both parents, then almost always both will work thus leaving children in care outside of their own parents.
Hong Kong is a nanny state leaving children without parental love or oversight most of their waking hours.
International business has moved out of Hong Kong to mainland China or other Asian cities such as Singapore.
Hong Kong income has become a city that is almost totally reliant upon tourism now whereas previously it was a business hub.
Families made up of 3-5 people or more can live in a flat so small that multiple bunk beds have to be in rooms to accommodate them all.
Food prices are rising at 20% a year.
Housing rent prices are rising at 20-30% a year.
Salaries are remaining the same.

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