Students tripping over chairs, parents like this.






我說,當日這孩子在走堂的時候、在學習態度散漫的時候,有沒有想過今日這後果?教訓,說是沒用的,要經歷過才記得牢,我就是要用這令他深深不忿的0.1 分,叫他畢生記住一失足成千古恨的道理。由得他去恨我去投訴我吧,幾十年後,也許他會回來謝我也說不定。


原文轉載自《明報》 2013年8月12日




The bad side … …Qu Yingyan journalists earlier on modern college students in the new Chinese collective cats was canceled after scores of high schools, a member of politicians to question the students hold a press conference, denounce teachers, blindfolded face, say teachers ‘ cats are abetting, responsibility is not completely on the students, also argued that teaching should not cancel the General score, so unfair to them and so on.Last week, the Ming Pao Daily News “teach” Octopus columnist for parents, the incident with “the bad side side……” culture of irony for shirking responsibility. Very fine police said, this is a new social mindset, any event, you can use “the bad side side……” to serve their own misconduct justified the gaffes of losing line. Students up the cat, most bad teacher, he taught us to do! Teachers approached Detroit, most failure guy class, making me angry!

Social restlessness, bad government, paralysed it with us!

As a child, child is tripping over chairs, parents like this: flapping chairs in front of him yelling “bad Deng, and drag Deng, the failure of you, tripped me, baby, baby, shoot you, shoot you……”

No wonder grew up, he is, people not used to introspection, but accountability first, look around, find the failure is a c side edge! I remember one scoring back to the students, I comment on C-for a child, he calls mail complaint questioning, also complained to the school I unfair scoring.

Teacher to intercede for him, that this poor kid 0.1 scholarship, kind-hearted colleague asked if I could check their homework, give him a minute and a half, he targets. To me, this kid in the Hall on the day when, in learning when loose, ever think that today this consequence? The lesson, says won’t work, tried to go through it remembered in prison, I just made this to his deeply discontented 0.1 points, he dedicated his life to remember old Sin makes new shame sense.

By me he hates me to complaints, several decades later, maybe he’ll come back and thank me, maybe. Unfortunately, today only popular accountability, politicians give up the cat children made an amazing education, is to let them justly to shirk its responsibility.

So, who make mistakes in the future, if we can find a more decent excuse me blame, crime was not on my. Original text taken from the Ming Pao on August 12, 2013: singpao view more: in our community, “the bad side side……” culture of shirking responsibilities what?


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