Academia to promote political reform orientation program!

我們來自不同的院校,卻有一個共同理念。 我們關心社會,也渴望參與其中,用我們的知識和努力改變現今社會的不公,把我們的命運掌握起來。學生作為公民,我們有能力參與,參與也是理所當然,因為社會是屬於每一位公民。但我們如大多數的香港人一樣,現存的制度排除多數人的參與,行政長官自九七年來一直由「小圈子」選出,立法會也有半數由功能組別把持關鍵決策,建制代表的不是廣大香港人的意願,更多的卻是背後的利益板塊。 一路走來,香港人爭取民主已有三十年,過去的政改運動卻未帶來平等的政治權利。今年,社會再次就普選討論,這是我們再次掌握未來的機會,學生豈能缺席當中!我們需要改變,改變則需要我們要努力,學生也要參與這場的變革當中,因為這是我城,也是我們的未來。 過去學生在社會當中一直擔任推動進步的角色,把我們學會的成為公共的知識,引起社會各界討論和參與,把民主等理念傳播到社會不同階層當中。 今日,我們依然抱持公義和改革的心,把社會意識和民主帶動校園,實行「學界推動政改計劃」,一起在大學迎新之時向同學講述社會事、民主事還有我們的未來,開始我們組織的第一步。 我們相信改變從來都是始於足下,就讓我們首先在大學校園起動, 凝聚學生的力量,改革校園,也改革社會!

Translated by Bing:

Academia to promote political reform orientation program! Change on campus, reform social!
We come from different institutions, there is a common philosophy. We care about the community, is also eager to participate, with our knowledge and efforts to change the current social injustice, put our fate together. Students as citizens, we have the ability to participate, participation is also a matter of course, because society belongs to every citizen. But if, like most people in Hong Kong, the existing system exclude the participation of the majority of people, the Chief Executive since 2097 has been changed from “small circle” election, the Legislative Council also dominated by functional constituencies half of the key decisions, formed not represent the majority of Hong Kong people’s wishes, but it is more the interests behind the plate. Along the way, fighting for democracy in Hong Kong has been three years in the past failed to bring political reform movement equal political rights. This year, the society discussed again on the general election, this is our opportunity to again seize the future, how can the students were absent! We need to change, we need to change it to work, the students were also involved in this change, because this is my city, but also our future. Among the students in the past has served to promote the advancement of social roles, we learn to become public knowledge, aroused discussion and participation, democracy and other ideas spread among different sectors of society. Today, we still hold the hearts of justice and reform, to promote social awareness and democratic campus, the implementation of “academia to promote political reform plan”, together with the time in college orientation to students about social things, democratic thing and our future begins the first step in our organization. We believe that change always begins with one step, let us first start on college campuses, students unite forces, reform schools, but also reform the social!
By: Hong Kong Federation of Students (IUS)


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