A young boy yelling and throwing things.


I saw this boy at the public forum.  He was yelling, throwing things and what I would call possessed.  I would see adults come up to him and encourage him to continue in his acts. No doubt he has been trained in the school from the earliest age to accept being an empty mind ready to be filled with anything taught to him without any reasoning.  Help students.

Tak Wing Cheung


2013年8月11日天水圍天晴邨「香港行政長官 梁振英」在場的時候打鬥。




2013年8月11日新聞第一線 – 12歲男孩在衝突中聲稱被打
[8月11日]新聞第一線 – 12歲男孩在衝突中聲稱被打 一個12歲的小朋友聲稱因為大嗌「支持梁振英」,而遭人打傷。 攝影:陳家明 歡迎訂閱本台節目 本台 Facebook 專頁:http://fb.me/hkdlm 香港天樂新聞網:http://news.hkdlm.com/

Children in the news behind the behavior, and moral!http://youtu.be/QaqAYawPpVI
Mr Tsang said: “look, this is not a triad”
Support the solemn law enforcement of the police force!On August 11, 2013 fine estate, Tin Shui Wai, “Hong Kong Chief Executive Mr LEUNG Chun-ying” was present when the fight.https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=228198440667576&set=a.107826466038108.14373.100004322651381&type=1&theater

Children in the news behind the behavior, and moral! This child was beaten in front of reporters, “I only speak to support Mr LEUNG Chun-ying”, but Zheng behind water bottles and yelling foul language.
(Figure: Lin Yuxiang)
Visit fragment:

Front line news August 11, 2013-12 year old boys who claim to have been in the conflict
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMtqbQs7VIw [August 11] front line News-12 year old boy claimed in the conflict was a 12 year old kid claiming that because large choke “supports Mr LEUNG Chun-ying”, were wounded. Photography: Chen Jiaming welcome to subscribe to this program the Facebook page: http://FB.me/hkdlm the best of live news network: http://News.hkdlm.com/ (Translated by Bing)


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