The mind of predators of children.

My then 5 year old son went to his Kindergarten teacher and told her that “he was being abused” and he told me “the teacher said she would not tell my father”. So the abuse continued on and the little boy had no way to get his message out. I have always taught my children if you are abused (hit, physically or sexually or made to fear) tell your parents or your teacher. That does not work in Hong Kong as I found out especially if it involves family.














If “Jiang Xianzhi” being raped and how to deal with sexually transmitted diseases cause.
[Vice Mayor: If my daughter is not rape against the Government]

Ruichang City deputy mayor in charge of education, female teacher for her daughter was raped, sexually transmitted diseases cause parents say, “If it was my child encountered such a thing, I quietly took her to a nobody knew place to cure, not to the government a penny.. “

“Xinmin Weekly,” the latest one in six girls were sexually abused teachers investigative reporting as the cover story, referring to the source Ruichang ShangXi girls in primary school six times during the two years was a 63-year-old male teacher rape and infectious agent causing some girls. Incident was discovered, someone’s teacher was arrested on the source of primary school principals have been suspended.

The report quoted one of the girl’s grandfather said, parents find the municipal government put forward the school and the local education departments held jointly and severally liable, and demanded financial compensation.

Ruichang city vice mayor in charge of education of parents has received Jiang Xianzhi. Jiang Xianzhi for several parents, said: “If it was my child encountered such a thing, I quietly took her to a place where no one knows to treat, not a penny to the government.”

Jiang Xianzhi these words came to light, was widely reproduced online media, causing netizens strongly condemned.

Sina microblogging, Inherit D: What a brain-dead mayor! This example can also be used! How the world has such a mom!

Corsac Rommel: You can shameless, but does not mean that other people’s children can not.

Desert Smoke 6898: There are so evade responsibility, Cao Jian physical and mental health of the next generation of leaders, the people’s “public servants” you apart hurt vulnerable children and their families, but also to do something?

Swallows can amiable: Does this kind of thing happens, the Government hopes the victim Do not say a word, took her daughter to go? ? This is how people became deputy mayor?

Wenonah wave: This is easier said than done, right? How can parents do not feel bad children, will be able to go into exile to avoid the child’s shadow it? For the child’s attention only to those few ten million dollars it? Volkswagen is seeking truth and justice!

Chinese media and Internet exposure of a number of recent cases of primary and secondary school principals and teachers suspected of molesting and sexually abusing student events. Jiahe, Hunan, Guangdong and Shenzhen, Leizhou Nanyang, Henan, Jilin, Shenyang and other places have principals or teachers students were punished for alleged sexual assault.

June 20, Wanning City, the second elementary former president Chen Peng was sentenced to 13 years and 6 months on charges of rape.


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