American running dog.


As I moved silently through the crowd at the public meeting of the Hong Kong chief executive; I was called “American running dog” in Chinese. How I feel about myself is “I don’t mind being called a running dog if I am running in the right direction”.

The one person one vote (pro democracy) crowd which was small, was barricaded on all four sides by the police force. The communist and or pro government crowd was free to move about. The pro democracy crowd treated me kindly and the pro communist or government crowd would yell at me. This was just not unique to me as also a mixed race person (Chinese/white) was yelled at with the same contempt.

I went to see what Honorable Albert Chan, a Legco (like a Senator) member does that has him convicted of a crime at a public protest. He waived his hands and yells about some of the policies of the government he does not agree with. His recent conviction it appears to me is nothing more than boxed in by barricades by the police and if anyone in that small square moves outside of them for any reason, Albert Chan or other leaders MAY be charged. Does that sound like anyone is free? I would further take a stand that the government, now controlled by the communist mainland government, chooses to put pressure upon the democracy leadership in Hong Kong.

I learned a lot today as to why I need to have a stand: I believe in one person one vote. Freedoms of speech, thought, press, writing, public assembly and worship. Simply, freedoms do not come easy and to be put into place now for the next generation by our own sacrifices.  Tomorrow may be too late for the students of today!


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